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Why should I have my Inlet Valves Cleaned?


Modern engines utilise direct injection, this allows for better performance and fuel consumption. The disadvantage of Direct Injection is that the regular fuel bathing and cleaning of the intake valves does not happen anymore. Over time this leads to carbon build up inside the intake tract and on the valves themselves. This does not cause any immediate risk to the engine, however over time as the carbon builds up it can affect the efficiency of the engine, causing performance issues and increased fuel economy.


The carbon build up on a direct injection engine cannot be prevented, even with the use of fuel additives, as the fuel does not come into contact with the intake valves because of the method of direct injection.


What is Walnut Blasting?


Walnut Blaasting cleans the intake tract and valves without removing the cylinder head by using a blasting tool. The blasting tool works using pressurised air to inject fine grit walnut shells into the intake tract, the walnut shells attack the carbon at high speed removing it completely without causing any damage or negative effects to the engine, walnut shells do not cause any damage whatsoever to the intake tract and valves.

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Blasting tool
engine intake tracts
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